Website creation

A public repo (, running a heavily edited version of the Hugo Academic theme. I added scripting to have content (the list of talks, and the team) be automatically created from the master gsheets used by the R/Pharma team.

Based on a purchased Hugo theme to capture and curate our public open source activity at Roche Pharma Data & Statisical Sciences. There are no substantial modifications made to the theme. In a private Roche github repository.

PhUSE End-to-End Open-source Collaboration Guidance

A makedocs repo ( I setup to capture the guidance from PhUSE on co-creating open source projects.

My personal website, built on the Wowchemy fork of the Academic theme. Code is in a private repo on github (, and hosted on namecheap. gh-actions builds and then deploys the site to my server via rsync.

Our family recipes, with the backend in a private repo ( A jekyll site based on the chowdown theme. My first website to have scripting to deploy cwebp images to decrease load times, as we use this on our smarthome dashboards, which struggles to handle the large images present on the homepage.

James Black
James Black
PhD (Cantab)

James Black. Kiwi | Epidemiologist | Data Scientist | Engineering enthusiast.

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