Process mining for exploring treatment patterns in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) in a real world oncology database

Treatment patterns in oncology constantly evolve, while guidelines offer diverse options for increasingly personalised patient subsets. Defining normative treatment patterns is difficult. Process mining is the application of statistical and graphical …

Validation of Clinical vs Algorithmic Definition of Line of Therapy in Multiple Myeloma

Defining LoT based on observed EHR profiles introduces a degree of uncertainty into classifications. When seen in the context of inter-rater agreement between clinicians, algorithmic performance is comparable to clinician defined lines, while …

Health Status in Patients with Severe Haemophilia a According to Treatment Regimen and Age

Objectives Haemophilia A, a congenital reduction in blood factor VIII concentration, results in more frequent and sustained bleeding, with the impact greatest in patients with the lowest levels of factor VIII.

Change in medication burden and HRQoL after diagnosis of diabetes: Results from the ADDITION-Cambridge cohort

Change in CVD risk factors after screen detection of diabetes

Does early intensive multifactorial therapy reduce modelled cardiovascular risk in individuals with screen detected diabetes? Results from the ADDITION-Europe cluster randomised trial

Screen detected type 2 diabetes: do we need intensive treatment?

Parental perceptions of childhood obesity

EQ-5D and Injury Outcome

Burden of injury as measured by the EQ-5D: An individual patient data meta-analysis