Converting relative risks into icons

Trying to find an easier way to display relative risks

The FootballData package and dashboard

Getting football data, then summarising a fan's mood based on the teams performance.

The GithubMetrics package

Easy access to GithubMetrics via a gh wrapper.

The effect of baby Timo on my sleep

Looking at my time asleep pre and post the arrival of baby Timo.

Comparing the iWatch, Misfit and iPhone as pedometers

Analysing my physical activity health data generated from my devices.

Languages of Swiss tweeters

Scraping a few days of Swiss tweets to see what languages are used in what Cantons.

Playing with ensemble models

Comparing prediction accuracy by model choice.

Using a glmnet to predict the sentiment behind Trump tweets

Building a tweet classifier from 1.6 million coded tweets.

My R package for controlling the lights in my house from R

Taking alerts to the next level - flashing the house lights!

Scraping German and Kiwi wine reviews to feed to Machine Learning algorithms

Scraping German and Kiwi wine reviews for some machine learning.