End-to-End Open-source Collaboration Guidance


The authors will introduce the key messages from the End-to-End Open-source Collaboration Guidance, developed in collaboration with seven companies within the PHUSE Data Visualisation & Open Source Technology Working Group. The primary aim of this collaboration is to provide guidance within the context of how open source is relevant to PhUSE members, and link out to more information to avoid duplication on more generalisable topics. In this guidance, R packages are referenced as an example OSS project that is a focal point today in clinical reporting, but the principles extend to other libraries in python, julia, javascript, and more. In this talk, we will introduce the core topics that are critical to cover when using open source as well as releasing open source that we have collected from the PHUSE community. Supporting link (the guidance): https://phuse-org.github.io/E2E-OS-Guidance/

Nov 5, 2023 — Nov 8, 2023
United Kingdom
International Convention Centre, Birmingham,
James Black
James Black
PhD (Cantab)

James Black. Kiwi | Epidemiologist | Data Scientist | Engineering enthusiast.